1983 March : Creation of the company INFAUTELEC in Calais (62). Computing, Automation, Electricity, Electronic.
Logo BARON Groupe
2000 March :Creation of the holding BARON Groupe - Creation of the company INFAUTELEC Dunkerque
2000 october : Purchase of the society Nord Littoral Ingénierie (NLI) in Calais (62). Engineering, studies office for all state bodies.
Logo Prodao
2003 February : Purchase of the company PRODAO in Rinxent (62). Conception and manufacturing of special machines.
Logo Sogemin-Someti
December : Purchase of the company SOGEMIN in Dunkerque (59). Production mechanics and industrial maintenance.Logo Sogemin-Someti Purchase of the company SOMETI in Coudekerque-Branche (59). Industrial boilar making.
Logo BARON Groupe
2005 : We communicate through the name of BARON Groupe.
2006 May : Purchase of the company ETCOMA in Pérenchies (59). Conception and manufacturing of special machines.
2012 October : Creation BARON Sareme Amiens (80). Specials machines
2012 October : Creation of BARON Rhône-Alpes à Echirolles (38). special machines activities.

2013 March : Creation of Baron Entity Engineering Chambery (73).

2018 : Creation of Entity BARON ESM à Valence (26)

2019 : Acquisition of Dic Technology in Denain(59)