Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution.

Unlike the previous one, Industry 4.0 uses data as a means of exchange with its users, , allowing the creation of a connected system in a factory looking to the future.

The vehicles of these new means can be found in cobotics, virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, the Internet of Things (IoT) or even smart data.

The Baron Group, through all these activities in special machines, natively integrates many vectors of the 4.0 industry and supports its customers in their digital transformation.

Virtual Reality

The Three-dimensional modelling using Solidworks or Catia software is now insufficient.
Indeed, the scale notion across a computer screen is not tangible. Virtual reality fills this gap and leads the user into an artificial world, digitally created. This experience requires the use of an immersive system using HTC headset system for example.

Within the framework of the special machine activities of the BARON group, validation stages of the studies are necessary. They enable us to take into account all of our customers' needs, whether in terms of maintenance or ergonomics. All this on a real scale...

This is why the immersive technology allows us to faithfully recreate the future reality of the machines that our customers acquire.

BARON group has acquired this precious technology, helping our customers to design their personalized installation.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is now a common use in everyday life. In the industrial environment, new applications are developed, including communication through connected glasses. This connectivity allows to communicate easily with people who are thousands of kilometers away, thereby it reduces the environmental impact and response time.

As part of the BARON group maintenance and after-sales activities, we regularly offer connected glasses to our customers, which is an innovative service particularly appreciated by our users.

3D printing

3D printing is a precious help in the development of complex parts, difficult to achieve using traditional method, BARON group has invested in this technology for many years and has a substantial machine fleet allowing it to meet a large number of needs.

This technology is ideal for professionals who would like to make prototypes, unique objects or complex parts quickly with a reasonable price.



Introduced in the 20th century, robotics is now a focal point for the global industry. Unlike simple programmable logic controller, the robots increase the flexibility of industrial processes.

Contrary to current machines, the concept of collaborative work is nowadays the center of attention. Indeed, many applications requires the introduction of cooperation between humans and robots, hence the Cobot concept.

BARON group supports its customers on their choice of cobot integration and manage the security aspect between humans and machines.

Smart data

Equipped with lots of sensors, machines allow to exchange information with their users in real time. The data can be processed through an ERP system using the factory network, leading to analyzes and diagnostics.

As part of the special machinery activities, the machines designed allow immediate monitoring and analysis of data in real time, this is Smart Data.

Depending on customer operational needs, BARON group strives to produce tailor-made supervision systems ranging from simple KPIs to failure detection.